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Our Story

VARDAI came into existence with the deepest desire of enriching wellness and supplementing healthcare of the people who are searching for quality products to provide themselves with the best possible solutions.

As the name suggests VAR-Blessing & DAI – the one who gives the blessing.

VARDAI has a strong belief of living a healthy life and develop a thinking to strive for more.

The Alpha and Beta of VARDAI is to serve the purest form of organic products which were used by our ancestors to fulfill endless requirements, infinite times.

The only mission of our high-end product range is to provide the longest shelf life without being chemically processed or artificially treated.

Our products exclude the usage of any additives which may diminish their indigenous  flavors, fragrances, or appearance.

We avoid blending of our products with any preservatives or synthetic ingredients, to allow them to retain their authentic nutrient values.

During the making of the oils no animal testing has been done and entire product range is clinically tested.

Team VARDAI feels blessed to offer its best to their health conscious and quality seeking audience.

Our Products

Our exclusive and wide range of products manage to provide you with a Quality finished and high-end products.

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Why Choose Vardai ?

As your skin needs ultimate care and nourishment while you indulge in your millennial lifestyle. These lightweight & 100% natural products help to repair the skin cells & tissues damaged due to stress, anxiety , disturbed sleep cycles, itching or any skin irritation caused due to the surrounding environment.
Initiated by the team of professional and technical experts.
We always commit to provide better services along with the suggestions from our customer to further strengthen ourselves.

Reviewing the details can add more value as we intend to aggregate new suggestions in our company time to time.

Our Vision

We aim to combine our values, ethics along with the latest trends to make it as our strength, differentiating from others. The Primary Agenda to formulate such powerful blends and introduce millennial products is to shift our Focus Onto the 3 ‘H’s : - HOPE, HEALING & HAPPINESS.

Our Mission

Exceptional Quality The quality of life for the people has drastically improved by helping them to regain control over their emotions, memory, and ability to learn. Relationship for life In todays’ world people do not buy products and services. They tend to buy relations, stories, and magic’s and here at Vardai that is what we commit to provide. Amenable Team Coming together is a Beginning, Keeping together is a Progress, Working together is a Success.

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